Terms of Service

Last updated July 26, 2022

This agreement (“Agreement”) has been entered into between

1. Parties

Acast Stories Inc, 79 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013. (“Acast”)

[name] [address] (“Affiliate Partner”) 

The parties are hereinafter referred to as the “Parties”.

2. Scope of the Agreement etc.

2.1 Acast has launched an affiliate marketing program (the “Program”) for affiliate partners (“Affiliate Partners”. The purpose of this Program is to attract podcasters to subscribe to the Acast SaaS service and in exchange for the referrals of podcasters (“Customers”) that the Affiliate Partner provides, the Affiliate Partner will be entitled to a certain referral commission as further set out below.

2.2 Acast decides in its sole discretion and from time to time how the Program shall work and who is entitled to become an Affiliate Partner.

3. Affiliate Partner obligations

As an Affiliate Partner it is a material obligation that You always act loyally towards Acast as well as in accordance with the purpose set out above. In addition, you undertake the following:

  1. Instructions: You shall always follow instructions for the Program as communicated by Acast from time to time.
  2. Self-dealing: You may not refer yourself, you cannot be listed on an account you refer, and you cannot pay for any account you refer to Acast.
  3. Disallowed promotion: You may not promote your affiliate link on Acast social media pages, in Acast groups, or using paid advertisements (Google Ads, social media, etc.), or on "coupon sites."
  4. Honesty policy: You may not promote your link by claiming exclusive discounts or services that are not offered by Acast.
  5. Dishonest use of link: You may not use your link in a dishonest, deceptive, or damaging manner.
  6. No ads that link to Acast’s websites or anything similar that would compete with Acast’s own paid marketing and drive up Acast’s costs and potentially cause confusion.
  7. No pretending to be acting on behalf of Acast (e.g. as an Acast employee or an Acast consultant).

3. Referral commission

3.1 Acast shall pay a referral commission to You based on a percentage of the revenues (less VAT) received by Acast from sales of the SaaS products “Influencer” and “Ace” to each Customer that the Affiliate Partner has referred to Acast and as long as such Customer is a Customer. Acast shall be entitled in it sole discretion to set the price for “Influencer” and “Ace” including implementing discounts.

The Affiliate Partner shall be entitled to 30% recurring commission for such referred and paying Customers each month.

3.2 Acast shall provide a statement setting out the referral commission to which You are entitled for the previous month no later than 7 days from the end of such month. The statement shall form the basis for Your invoice to Acast. Acast shall pay the referral commission in accordance with the statement no later than 60 days from receipt of a valid invoice. Acast shall have the right to change the payment method upon 30 days written notice.

4. Termination

Acast reserves the right in its sole discretion at any time to terminate (i) your Program account and/or (ii) the Agreement with any You.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Acast reserves the right in its sole discretion at any time to amend this Agreement in whole or in part.

5.2 Any claim or dispute relating to the Program or this Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Sweden, without reference to its conflict of law principles. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the Program or this Agreement, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by the Court of Stockholm, Sweden, unless otherwise required under local consumer legislation. The language to be used in any proceedings shall be English.